Why I Am running:

I am an Arizona native & I’m running for Phoenix city council district 6 because it’s time for residents to have a council member that comes from a working-class background who will put the needs of other fellow working-class citizens first! For too many years the establishment mayor and city council members have ignored the problems that plague our community such as homelessness, drugs, policing issues & the lack of transparency & communication between residents & their elected officials. District 6 & the rest of Phoenix is on life support and needs an independent minded council member who will step up & speak the truth & fight for what is right when no one else will!

On the issues:

Prevent useless spending

This will be done by opposing any spending that doesn't help the city Immediately! Pet Projects from the mayor & city council are costing the city too many valuable resources that can be used to revitalize economically depressed areas of phoenix & to address the massive homeless problem that plagues District 6 & the rest of Phoenix.

Increased Transparency & a Stronger Relationship with District 6 residents

Residents have a right to know what goes on in the city & what their elected leaders are up to! Many residents I've spoken to in District 6 & around other parts of Phoenix are unaware of who their elected officials are or what city ordinances are being proposed due to weak communication & lack of transparency between residents & elected officials. As your next council member, I will make sure I will keep residents constantly updated on what's going on in the city council.

Crime & policing

The crime in Phoenix has seen a very sharp increase, & there are many things we can do to help curve crime while repairing the broken relationship between citizens & Phoenix PD, the fact is that a healthy relationship between Police & citizens plus Safe Neighborhoods equals a prospering city but a broken relationship between citizens & police equals Unsafe neighborhoods which leads to the downfall of a city. here are some things I propose to make sure we have a safe & prospering district while holding our police accountable at the same time:

  • encourage more Police & citizen events to help citizens and police become more familiar with each other & to help ease any tensions between the two groups

  • Help establish & encourage more neighborhood watch programs to assist with crime prevention

  • work with local schools in district 6 to expand afterschool programs to prevent the youth from getting involved with crime


Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the USA & one of the fastest growing cities in recent years, it's time we implement cryptocurrency into our city similar to Miami. I want to propose policies that would allow things such as Traffic tickets & other city related fines/fees to be paid with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin, Shiba Inu etc. Allowing the use of cryptocurrency in phoenix will help boost our economy & allow us to be a hotspot for Blockchain technology so that we can be a part of the next great change in currency.

local business friendly

For too many years the mayor & city council have made it very hard for local businesses to prosper, as your next councilman I will "Cut the Red tape" meaning I will push for less regulations & I will oppose any policies from the mayor & council that stunts the growth of local businesses. Our local businesses are the heart & soul of Phoenix, and they should be prioritized over corporations.

Addressing homelessness

As we seen this year & last year, we have seen a massive increase in the homeless population & obviously this is not a good look for our district & the rest of the city! below are my proposals to help address the homeless problem in a pragmatic & humane way

  • Increase access to local mental health services

  • Expand local apprenticeship programs to help the homeless develop skills to find new jobs

  • Increase the number of homeless shelters & convalescent homes in District 6

  • Ease regulations to allow local companies to provide affordable housing

  • Expand the Phoenix C.A.R.E.S to increase response time

My stance on short-term rentals

I am a localist so i do not believe in prioritizing tourists over providing locals affordable housing options. The large number of short-term rentals has made it hard for locals to find a place to live due to so many companies & property owners turning properties into Airbnbs or rentals that are reserved for tourists only. As a resident who lives in an area filled with Airbnbs/Short-term rentals i have seen the effects such as rising rent prices & shortage of homes on my neigborhood & others. i support regulating short term rentals such as Airbnbs.

As we 've seen this year there is a current water shortage & the alarms have been sounded & phoenix will face disaster if we don't act now! My solutions to address the ongoing water shortage include:

  • Regulating how much water large corporations & businesses use

  • Invest more funds into maintaining our water treatment plants & other water related infrastructure

  • Encourage & implement more water recycling programs

  • Oppose projects & deals that will threaten the water supply of Phoenix. (This is currently being seen with Saudi Arabian based company Fondomonte who pumps unlimited amounts of water in Phoenix!!!)